U-ROB is a new way to display visual, audio and electronic arts: the performing arts and the music. It’s a journey with various cultural activities for all these people who are instinctively eager for  learning the groundbreaking news, who are inquiring and curious, love to participate and who also understands risk as a positive challenge for their own personal and intellectual growth.

The transversality that nowadays overrides the creative arena has changed the way we understand, produce and display the art projects to the extent of leaving them unrecognizable. The boundaries among the various disciplines dissolve at a moment of an unprecedented creative trepidation. We are experiencing a qualitative enrichment of the art expression in its various manifestations. Multiple alternative channels and circuits have been established with the support provided by the revolution derived of internet and the new technologies have blasted away the elite and distant approach to art.

Facing the invasion of mediocre proposals which follow the trend established by a market obsessed by the easiness, U-ROB is a way of understanding art from radical challenge and commitment. Art and music as the drive of change.

U-ROB is also a new way to organize and produce cultural events essentially based in the networking philosophy. Conceived as an international and interdisciplinary meeting space, the different backgrounds, languages and styles of the participating artists will reveal the heterogeneous nature of the schools and movements which have been developing in the last few years.

Kick The Trash proyect