Her debut album ‘Sentimentalist’ was released on Type records in 2005 with influences as far reaching as her musical ambition melissa takes well informed references from avant jazz, folk, avant rock and experimental electronic works.

Inspired by her antipodean background, sunrise, sunset, heatwaves and also from a life-changing move to British shores, Sentimentalist is deeply reflective and unashamedly visual. Subtle analogue experimentations and brave acoustic instrumentation.

After a long stay in London melissa returned to South Australia to touch base, swim in the Southern Ocean and awake to the sound of kookaburras whilst writing and recording her second album ‘Fountain Fountain, Joyous Mountain’ which was released on Digitalis in 2011.

Fountain Fountain, Joyous Mountain is an immediately hypnotising, carefully controlled chaos bubbling with texture, eerie synthesizers, percussive guitar, rumbling free avant drums and delicate vocals.

sanso-xtro has toured extensively throughout Europe and performed at numerous festivals in Australia, Europe including EME, Trollofon, NODE, WOMAD.

In concert melissa performs solo. A heartfelt set singing and playing synthesisers, guitars, percussion and various custom made electro-acoustic contraptions with her hands, feet, knees and elbows.

At present sanso-xtro is working on her third album.