Namosh lives in Berlin since 1999. He produces his music himself and describes it as a form of «organic-electronic with Singsang, Liebesrap, Jazzgrunge, Hardcore-a-cappella“. He produces his music himself and is known for his eccentric and wild live performances, so in one year he played Europe-wide nearly hundred concerts.

He worked with a lot of known artists and musicians like Peter ThomasWolfgang Müller or Angie Reed, performed or produced music together with them. In the music magazine QBjörkdescribed Namosh’s song «Cold Cream» as her favourite song of 2005. Namosh also played a role in the film Saturn Returns of Lior Shamriz. Namosh released his new album Keep It for Later on November 6, 2009 in Germany. In a statement on his official Facebook page, he wrote, that his new album Party Alone will be released in 2014.