Maxence Cyrin

             Maxence Cyrin is a pianist and a french composer living in Paris. After a solid pianistic education at the conservatory, he is interested in electronic music and recorded numerous songs during the 90′.In the album entitled Modern Rhapsodies, released in 2005 with FCom (record label of the DJ Laurent Garnier) , he arranged for solo piano tracks from Massive Attack, Depeche Mode or Moby. The album Novö Pianois released in 2009, there he transposed for piano some pop, rock and electro music from Daft Punk, Nirvana or The Pixies. The music video “Where is my mind” has been viewed more than 4 million times on Youtube.Then, in 2012 is released the album The Fantasist, an imaginary movie soundtrack with piano, strings and synthesisers. In 2014, he signed with the classical record label Evidence Classics, leaded by the famous sound engineer Nicolas Bartholomée, and In January 2015, he released a new opus entitled Nocturnes, ten delicate and poetic compositions for solo piano, as an invitation to travel deep into the night. Strongly modern, Maxence Cyrin is performing in classical music festival, and frequently work with Fashion’s prestigious brands as Lanvin, Chanel, Hermès, Valentino.

             He also composed several movie soundtracks for the Cinémathèque Française, illustrating masterpieces of french silent cinema filmed by Jean Epstein, Albert Capellani…

            In 2015, “Where is My mind” has been used for the soundtrack of UK’s Movie “Man up” and recently it closes the Season 1 of the US Serie “Mr Robot”, and also Season 2 Episode 3 of US Serie “The Leftlovers”.

           His new album Novö Piano 2, in which we will discover both cover songs of Björk, Soundgarder, or even The Matrix soundtrack will be released on November the 13th. A international tour will be announced soon.