Jia-Jen Lin

Jia-Jen Lin is a Taiwanese artist based in New York. Growing up in her native Taichung, she was the odd kid among 20-something cousins and art making was how she found her place.

By promising her parents to be a teacher in order to study Art, she attended National Taiwan Normal University for her B.F.A. in Western Painting and taught for a year. Lin again found herself out of place within conservative social expectations and she came to Boston in search of her own voice. In 2007, she received her M.F.A. in sculpture, installation, and multimedia from School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in partnership with Tufts University. In 2011 Jia-Jen founded DBS Collective, an interdisciplinary art collective of artists from different genres. She also serves as DBS Artistic Director.

Her work creates imagery that relates to the human body as it reflects in our minds. She uses sculpture, installation, video, and performative collaboration to portray the ongoing negotiation between our original desires and the manipulated realities in our fast-changing contemporary lives.

Hybrid culture, the coexistence of nature and artificiality, and our changing physicality and mind bring her to create a landscape where the uncanny and the impulsive are deliberately presented. By creating wearable structures, modifying modern products, and working with physical and psychological dualities, she is in search of the perceptual distance between our artificial environments and our physical sensations.