Jerry King Musser

Born on the 6th of March, 1950 in the tiny Bedford County, Pennsylvania town of Defiance. The family moved to Harrisburg a few years later. Good move… probably. Lived a pretty typical, lower-middle-class American life growing up. My parents worked their butts off to afford my college education. First, the local community college. Later, Temple University where I settled on a Communications major. For me, that meant ‘film.’ But, I dabbled in all kinds of analog media.

I still dabble in all sorts of media but, now, it’s digital. I make my living as an art director where I create graphics of all sorts with the occasional sidetrack challenge of video and even corporate interiors. But, I’m working hard to find the formula where I can still do these things, make enough money to get by, but do it all without the interference of clients. Email me, quickly, if you have the code already broken!

In the meantime, I strive to retain some semblance of sanity by doing my own self-inflicted projects when there’s a glimpse of ‘off time.. Those projects are more fun but make no money. It’s also the same sort of work as the paying work but more adventurous, as client types don’t like adventures, being the myopic, loss-of-purpose creatures they are. So, on any given day, I work with photographs, video, audio, theatre, writing and object-making. It’s all the same to me. Such idle pursuits are my own entertainment. So, I bounce back and forth between painful commercial projects and unnecessary creative exercises.

Before reaching this illustrative plateau in my life, I stumbled through other sources of income: helped raise tents for gospel meetings; managed a gas station; sorted empty soda bottles; worked in the warehouse of a sporting goods store; processed news film for a television station; stocked grocery store shelves; sold ad space in a regional tv guide; opaqued film in a print shop; sold balloons at parades; kept scores for a softball league; clerked at a camera shop; shot video for a university gymnasium; shot television news for two different major market television affiliates; directed at a regional theater; film directed for an advertising agency; designed graphics for a public television station; and was a creative director for a few corporations. I’m sure I’ve missed some but that’s about it.

I live and experiment near the banks of the Susquehanna River in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with my talented painter wife, Janette Toth-Musser.