Jean Gabriel Periot

In his youth, he regularly attends cinemas. At 14, this is the catch, he decides that his job will be to make movies1.

His enthusiasm for archives (visual and audio) and the story takes place during a work at the Pompidou Centre at the end of his studies. He discovered the potential of archive footage, a rich material that allows to develop new visuels1 stories.

His first feature film, A German youth, released in October 2015, covers the Red Army Faction (Rote Armee Fraktion or RAF) and its reception in the West Germany of the 1970s Directed from visual archives, it traces the career of the young intellectuals of that organization and failover in terrorist violence justified as a violence-against-state. The first feature is characteristic of his style, and gross timeline is not intended to take sides but to reflect. This explains the style of this first film: ┬źNeither voiceovers, interviews or retrospective: I especially wanted to construct the film without prescience or a posteriori explanation of history. By developing it in its chronological course, keeping the way they had been seen, analyzed or told at the time by the protagonists or television. ┬ź6 This work on the RAF followed his short film Watch the Dead (2011), an existential reflection on the suicide of Stammheim.