Francisco Lopez

Francisco Lopez is truly an innovator and is undisputedly a major figure in the world of sound art and experimental music.  The Spanish artist has been releasing innovative and challenging compositons (and critical essays) for over 30 years now and has been recognized internationally for his work.  He has amassed a vast catalog of work that demonstrates an intense practice of listening to the world, one which stresses a pure engagement with sound as such.  He has realized hundreds of concerts, a unique experience as he goes so far as to blindfold audience members to ensure rapt attention and limit distractions from the overly primary visual sense.  This almost paradoxically can result in both an emphasis and the sound-in-itself while also grounding the experience in very humanistic terms.  After a time, if one submits to the experience, the listener is swept up by the tremendous flow into a transcendent state, but if one resists the result can be quite traumatic.

Over the last three decades the prolific Lopez has published releases on over 250 labels. Recent highlights include KRMN, a recent collaboration with Maurizio Bianchi on the Important label,Untitled #284 for Crónica Electrónica, and an inaugural release for Russia’s Alone at Last label.  Francisco Lopez also has a new record coming out soon with Luca Sigurtà  which I am eagerly anticipating.  Lopez is director and curator of  SONM, the Sound Archive of Experimental Music and Sound Art, a physical and virtual public access resource of the entirety of Lopez’s collection of  “experimental music and sound art, gathered over the past thirty years of direct exchange with thousands of sound artists worldwide.”