Emma Waltraud Howes

Emma Waltraud Howes worked in a professional context as a modern dancer before shifting her focus towards performance, video, sculpture, sound, and various 2D media within the framework of a conceptual art practice. She originally employed scientific research methods to explore the problematic relation found in mind-body dualisms. This process encouraged her to invert the common understanding of scientific objectification by producing a subjective means for understanding the constants and variables of human experience.

Her current work is guided by observations of gestures with a focus on the development of an expanded contemporary choreographic practice. These projects manifest as multiple reconfigurations of the body and space informed by her background in dance, performance theory, and visual arts. The corporeal characters and material objects in these works can be seen as empathetic subjects that avail themselves towards a reconciliation of mind-body dualisms through live-performance and interdisciplinary installations.