Dominique Furge

After art history studies at the University of Poitiers and cinema in Paris III Censier, Dominique becomes Furgé assistant director with Gérard Frot-Coutaz then Marie-Claude Treilhou. In 1991, Margaret producer Ménégoz speaks of himself in Patrice Chéreau which he became the assistant to the staging, continuing this collaboration twelve years as cinema, the theater and opera.

Other collaborations will enrich its course in parallel cinema, notably with Coline Serreau – which will be the first assistant director on four feature films – but also with Sylvie Verheyde, Emmanuelle Bercot, Xavier de Choudens, Marion Laine, Claude & Marie Nuridsany Pérennou, Emmanuelle Millet, etc.
In 1997, parallel to his work first assistant director Dominique Furgé are realized first short film – Big cut – that will take him to several festivals. He continued since then filmmaking in various genres, all short formats, while co-authoring of feature film screenplays.

Her films are shown in film festivals or video, television, or even within personal or group exhibitions in the form of installation or intervention in public space.

It also uses other means of expression such as drawing, Polaroid or even the draw digital. Some of these works have been exhibited in contemporary art galleries in Paris and Marseille, the museum of Fine Arts in Nîmes, or at the Contemporary Drawing Now drawing fair.